Southern California School of Floral Design - Phil Rulloda

Meet Two New Anthurium Varieties:
Phil Rulloda and Cathy Rulloda

Carht and Phil Rulloda with Namesake Anthurium

Cathy and Phil were honored this summer at AIFD‘s National Symposium in Las Vegas with the announcement by the University of Hawaii Tropical Agriculture Department  of the naming of two new varieties of anthurium.

Under the leadership of Dr. Tessie Amore, the university’s flower breeding program works to cultivate new varieties of tropical flowers, foliage and plants to enhance much sought-after characteristics such as color, vase life (how long a cut material lasts), size, stem length and tolerance to shipping.

The new varieties will be commercially available in a year or so. Cathy and Phil spoke with two of the growers who are readying the plants for larger production numbers – Eric Tanouye of Green Point Nurseries  of Hilo HI and Johnny Gordines of Tropical Flowers Express of Kapaa, HI – and were exited to see the very positive responses to these new anthurium from the more than 900 attendees at Sympoisum.

Phil said, “This is the honor of a lifetime. I’m hoping these flowers become a household name in the new future.” 

You can read the specs below of the ‘Phil Rulloda’ and ‘Cathy Rulloda’ anthurium. Aloha!os


Cathy Rulloda Anthurium