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Floral Design

In this ten day class, students will learn the fundamental tools they need to succeed in today’s floral marketplace. Lectures are followed with demonstrations and ‘hands-on’ practice. Phil believes, “If you hear it, you see it, you do it, and you will retain it.”

Covered topics are basic design elements and principals along with color theory, flower identification, care and handling; flower shop operations, sales and ‘pricing for profit’. Instruction of arrangements for Sympathy, Wedding, Special Event and current design styles are taught. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to each student who successfully completes this class.

  • Course Length: 10 Days (65 hours)
  • Maximum Enrollment: 8 Students
  • Instruction is conducted on a full-time basis for 2 consecutive weeks, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm
Dozen Rose Arrangement
Garden Style Flower Arrangement.
Classic Wedding Bouquet of Roses
Bright Flower Cube Vase
Standing Easel Spray

Course Fees:

Total Course Cost: 1,895.00

2024 Floral Design Class Schedule

January 8 – 19

April 8 – 19

June 10 – 21

September 30 – October 11

1. Fundamentals of Floral Design

2. Floral Arrangements

3. Sympathy Design

4. Wedding and Personal Flowers

5. Shop Operations

6. Materials

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